WordPress Update Services 2021

Here’s, hopefully, a resonably up to date list of URLs to use for WordPress Update Services in 2021, with duplicates removed 🙂 I don’t think there’s a “best practice” for these, and everyone’s opinion seem to differ on the subject. So I am by no means claiming that this is …


Fail2WP for WordPress updated to 1.1.0

Fail2WP for WordPress 1.1.0 has been released with fixes, new functionality, and verified compatibility with WordPress 5.7. The updated version is available via the WordPress Plugin repository and code.webbplatsen.net Fail2WP provides security functionality for WordPress sites and plays nicely with Fail2ban and Cloudflare too 🙂  

Cloudbridge Mattermost 2.0.0 with OAuth2 for WordPress

Cloudbridge Mattermost is a WordPress plugin that provides integration between WordPress and Mattermost. It has now been updated with OAuth2 authentication for WordPress via Mattermost. It has been tested with Mattermost 5.30+ and WordPress 5.5.3 and WordPress 5.6. Features at a glance: OAuth2 authentication, login to WordPress via Mattermost Notifications …


var_dump() for Javascript

PHP, for example, has var_dump() and print_r() to facilitate quick variable dumps to log files, etc. For Javascript, one can use console.log() in combination with JSON.stringify() to achieve something similar.   console.log( JSON.stringify(object) ); It’s also possible to “pretty-print” the output like so:   console.log( JSON.stringify(object, null, 2) ); For more information …


Ubuntu 20.04, Nginx, Redmine, Ruby, and Passenger-Phusion confusion

Redmine, Ruby, Passenger-Phusion, and Nginx makes for an extremely confusing situation with dependencies, installation “instructions”, and “mismatching” package versions. Redmine wants Ruby x, your Linux distribution has Ruby y, Passenger-Phusion only works with Ruby z, and you quite often end up in a loop somewhere. This article will not do …


Checking LSI RAID storage status in Linux

Flying blind is no fun and many hardware manufacturers are notoriously bad at providing info tools form their hardware for Linux. If you have an LSI-chipped RAID controller, this may come in handy. The `storcli`utility replaces the MegaCLI utility and is provided by Broadcom. You can get `storcli`here: docs.broadcom.com/docs/007.1506.0000.0000_Unified_StorCLI-PUL.zip (For …