Roadtrip Dalarna, destination Särna and Njupeskär

Great scenery and a lot of fun on the way, Särna, Fulufjället, and Njupeskär shows a fantastic (but small) part of Sweden.

As for living, I can really recommend Knappgården. Great ecological food and mindset!

Find the album here:

Guns N’ Roses; Not in this lifetime – Stockholm, Sweden 29-Jun-2017

Holy shit! That is the shortest summary I can muster, a few hours after the “Gunners” walked off the stage on Friend’s Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on June 29th 2017. I know a lot of people want to write GNR down with trash talk, and I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to perform like they did yesterday, after all the turmoil and shit they have gone through (and put themselves through) is nothing short of magic. This is the sixth time I see them live since hearing the intro riff to “Welcome to the Jungle” on the radio in my car, back in 1987. I’m obviously damaged goods, but hey, if this is damage, then bring it on. If you haven’t seen them live, now is (possibly your last chance) a good time. The only concert I can think of with GNR that is on par with yesterday’s performance would be seeing them live at Wembley many many years ago.

Thank you Duff. Thank you Slash. Thank you Axl.

And thanks to everyone else in and around the band for making this happen.

The only outstanding question is now: Why is there no Slash emoji?! There should be a law or something about this …



Dream Car Experience

After months of being on the waiting list, it was finally time to actually sit down in a Lamborghini and drive it. I realize these cars are ridiculously expensive “toys” that most mortals will never come close to driving, let alone owning. Perhaps that is why it was such a thrill. Unfortunately, the GoPro had not been prepared for this event, so there are only some clips of “coming and going”. Driving slowly onto the on ramp to the highway, and then flooring it, was a remarkable experience I will remember for a long time. “Way cool” 🙂







Forcing OutOfOffice response to always fire in Zimbra

We had a need to create an e-mail account in Zimbra that would always generate an automated response to incoming e-mails. So we activated the OutOfOffice functionality (or “Vacation Mode” as some people prefer to call it). This is great, and you do have some control from the ZWC (Zimbra Web Client) user interface.

The “problem” with the OOO functionality is that it is designed for human interaction. So, in an attempt to be somewhat “intelligent”, Zimbra will remember to whom it has sent an automated response message, and if a second message is received within nn time, it will not send another one. This makes sense, if I have sent an e-mail to John Doe, and Mr Doe is on vacation, I probably know this to be true even if I send him another message within a few hours or days. So I don’t want a second automated response.

We wanted it to send an automated response every time it received a message, zmprov to the rescue!

As the ‘zimbra’ user, from the CLI prompt, enter:

zmprov ma zimbraPrefOutOfOfficeCacheDuration <value>


The default <value> in our installation was 7d, presumably that means seven days. So I set it to ‘1s’ and anyone sending e-mail to now gets an automated response, even if they send several messages within a short period of time.

Handlar du på Staples via Visma Advantage, var försiktig

Visma Advantage är en sorts “inköpsportal” där man genom “större kundmassa” kan binda upp leverantörer på avtal för att på så sätt få ned priset för köparen. Detta är inget unikt eller nytt och det finns flera andra organisationer som erbjuder detta. Du blir kund hos Visma Advantage för en kostnad och kan handla billigare på ett antal ställen.

Det låter ju bra. Så länge som du sparar mer än vad du betalar för Visma Advantage per år så tjänar du på det.

Tills du upptäcker att det kanske inte är så enkelt i alla situationer.

Visma Advantage har valt att rubricera sitt samarbete med Staples Advantage som “Staples”. Men de menar egentligen “Staples Advantage” och inte “Staples Direct” ( Tydligen, enligt Visma, så har dessa två företag helt olika prislistor och väldigt lite med varandra att göra i praktiken. Det innebär också att prisbilden för produkter ser annorlunda ut.

T ex kan du köpa pennan “Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 RT” (svart) på för 33,75kr ink moms styck. Om du lägger samma penna i varukorgen när du går in via Vismas portal till Staples Advantage, då kostar exakt samma artikel 68,11kr styck. Dvs mer än dubbelt så mycket.

Ja, du får rabatt på en hel del produkter hos “Staples Advantage” via Vismas portal, men var försiktig och jämför gärna priset med vad samma produkt kostar på, det kan löna sig ganska ordentligt. Om du nu vill handla på “Staples” vill säga.

Troubles doing factory reset on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

If you’re having problems doing a factory reset on a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter, and can’t ping the router on or connect to the admin web interface, you may want to check that you are connecting your computer to the eth0 port on the router. It’s not immediately obvious that this is where the admin interface is residing at Oh, and don’t forget to hardwire your own computer to the This is really a no-brainer, but still not entirely obvious.

The Sigma USB Dock, a good idea for self-service firmware upgrades

In my opinion, Sigma has made somewhat of a comeback in the past few years when it comes to camera lenses, in particular when it comes to image quality. I can only speak from a Canon perspective, but from friends and associates, I hear this holds true for other camera brands as well.

Something that can be rather annoying with lenses is focus micro adjustment or AF focus micro adjustment, as well as firmware updates. Manufacturers of lenses (and cameras) all seem to have different solutions, of varying degree.

Sigma has an accessory called the Sigma USB Dock, which is a rather simple device that connects to your computer via an USB cable. After installing the software, you simply connect your Sigma lens to the USB Dock and the software will query the Sigma database for firmware upgrades. It will also allow you to perform micro adjustments.

The firmware upgrade process is simple enough, but be careful when doing AF micro adjustments, it may affect your photographic results 🙂 The Sigma USB Dock does not support all Sigma lenses. You can find out more information about the Sigma USB Dock here: