The Russian Elephant in the Room

In an article that talks about Gazprombank Vice President Igor Volobuyev leaving Russia for Kyiv because of the war, there’s some quite fascinating reading about Russia’s since long planned energy market domination, in particular in and around Europe. Igor Volobuyev claims that Russia’s war against …

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The scrutiny of leadership

“When leadership does not stand up to scrutiny, you need to question if it’s the right leadership.” 🧐🤔 Something I think can be said for many European and other “leaders of the world” in how they have let short-term gains outmaneuver long-term stability; energy stability, …

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Tranquility Base #COVID19

Walking around the natural reserve “Judarnskogen” (located in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden) is a great way to decompose and unwind, specially during these weird times. Lucky, and thankful, to have this close to where I live.