När man outsourcar sunt förnuft

Vid ett givet läge i en kris kan “omställningsplanen” aktiveras och snabbt fylla på förråd med nödvändiga produkter som skyddsutrustning och sjukvårdsmateriel. Likaså bör man regelbundet uppdatera en plan för att på relativt kort tid göra om större byggnader till “beredskapssjukhus”.

Trains, planes, and COVID-19

By grounding everything, the governments will need to hand out massive loans in an attempt to soften the blow to a rather large industry that has come to a complete halt. Why not use some of that money, and some of that capacity, for something we actually need: air transport

R.I.P. Mats Birch

I have received very sad words that Mats Birch passed away in May 2019. He was truly an original character and also one of the persons behind “M” in the “JAM message base” design. I first met Mats in FidoNet circles many (!) years ago. …

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No Lufthansa, this is not breakfast

I’m not sure what’s going on at Lufthansa, but someone needs to talk to their food administrators who manage in-flight food. This “breakfast” tasted like candy, for obvious reasons. Come on Lufthansa, it’s 2018, ever heard of “healthy living”? I know this crap is cheap …

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