Stop bitching about having to “work from home”

To those of you who bitch about having to “work from home”, please take a deep breath, chew on some toilet paper, and consider that:

There are people out there that are working in the “direct line of fire”, because they have to. It’s their job. And they’re doing it, many of them are doing it for you and the society you live in. They are not calling in sick, they are not whining about the virus, and most of them don’t have the energy to post “funny” COVID-19 posts.

There are people out there, that have already been hit so hard by cancelled concerts, cancelled cleaning contracts, cancelled trips, cancelled hotel bookings, cancelled whatever and are not part of any government hand-out or “favorable loan” program (because it’s not good enough “optics” for the tossers in power); they are now having to beg people for money (try doing that a few times and see how it makes you feel).

I’m by no means innocent of posting memes and other “funny” COVID-19 posts, nor am I innocent of bitching about Corona, and I do realize people need to handle this in any which way that works for them. But when you get that wake-up call from a friend or relative that cannot make ends meet because their next 20 jobs/assignments have been cancelled due to this, and they’re asking if you can lend them money to pay rent, it feels quite a bit more real.

You may now go back to hording toilet paper. Stay safe and be nice, or at least not un-nice 🙂


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