Guns N’ Roses; Not in this lifetime – Stockholm, Sweden 29-Jun-2017

Holy shit! That is the shortest summary I can muster, a few hours after the “Gunners” walked off the stage on Friend’s Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on June 29th 2017. I know a lot of people want to write GNR down with trash talk, and I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to perform like they did yesterday, after all the turmoil and shit they have gone through (and put themselves through) is nothing short of magic. This is the sixth time I see them live since hearing the intro riff to “Welcome to the Jungle” on the radio in my car, back in 1987. I’m obviously damaged goods, but hey, if this is damage, then bring it on. If you haven’t seen them live, now is (possibly your last chance) a good time. The only concert I can think of with GNR that is on par with yesterday’s performance would be seeing them live at Wembley many many years ago.

Thank you Duff. Thank you Slash. Thank you Axl.

And thanks to everyone else in and around the band for making this happen.

The only outstanding question is now: Why is there no Slash emoji?! There should be a law or something about this …



Dream Car Experience

After months of being on the waiting list, it was finally time to actually sit down in a Lamborghini and drive it. I realize these cars are ridiculously expensive “toys” that most mortals will never come close to driving, let alone owning. Perhaps that is why it was such a thrill. Unfortunately, the GoPro had not been prepared for this event, so there are only some clips of “coming and going”. Driving slowly onto the on ramp to the highway, and then flooring it, was a remarkable experience I will remember for a long time. “Way cool” 🙂







Handlar du pÄ Staples via Visma Advantage, var försiktig

Visma Advantage Ă€r en sorts “inköpsportal” dĂ€r man genom “större kundmassa” kan binda upp leverantörer pĂ„ avtal för att pĂ„ sĂ„ sĂ€tt fĂ„ ned priset för köparen. Detta Ă€r inget unikt eller nytt och det finns flera andra organisationer som erbjuder detta. Du blir kund hos Visma Advantage för en kostnad och kan handla billigare pĂ„ ett antal stĂ€llen.

Det lÄter ju bra. SÄ lÀnge som du sparar mer Àn vad du betalar för Visma Advantage per Är sÄ tjÀnar du pÄ det.

Tills du upptÀcker att det kanske inte Àr sÄ enkelt i alla situationer.

Visma Advantage har valt att rubricera sitt samarbete med Staples Advantage som “Staples”. Men de menar egentligen “Staples Advantage” och inte “Staples Direct” ( Tydligen, enligt Visma, sĂ„ har dessa tvĂ„ företag helt olika prislistor och vĂ€ldigt lite med varandra att göra i praktiken. Det innebĂ€r ocksĂ„ att prisbilden för produkter ser annorlunda ut.

T ex kan du köpa pennan “Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 RT” (svart) pĂ„ för 33,75kr ink moms styck. Om du lĂ€gger samma penna i varukorgen nĂ€r du gĂ„r in via Vismas portal till Staples Advantage, dĂ„ kostar exakt samma artikel 68,11kr styck. Dvs mer Ă€n dubbelt sĂ„ mycket.

Ja, du fĂ„r rabatt pĂ„ en hel del produkter hos “Staples Advantage” via Vismas portal, men var försiktig och jĂ€mför gĂ€rna priset med vad samma produkt kostar pĂ„, det kan löna sig ganska ordentligt. Om du nu vill handla pĂ„ “Staples” vill sĂ€ga.

P-Floyd, the awesome Pink Floyd tribute band

What a show, what a performance. I knew P-Floyd was good and certainly wouldn’t put Pink Floyd to shame, but I had not expected this! Wow! I had previously seen Brit Floyd, but I think P-Floyd blew them away. Of course nothing compares to Pink Floyd, but I’m so glad I got to see P-Floyd in action! @ Rival in Stockholm, Sweden on 19 November 2016.

More pictures here:

20161119_1000114 20161119_1000135 20161119_1000173 20161119_1000218

It’s not a new world today, tomorrow, nor any other day

People are outraged at the outcome of the US Presidential Election 2016, but I’m not quite sure why. Politicians are throwing themselves at the mercy of the Political Correctness lobby and looking for ways to emigrate to some other nation.

I get the fact that you may not like the outcome of a given election, but there mere fact that you are taking part of an election, in a place where one can hope the outcome isn’t rigged, means that you are part of a democracy, even if you think it’s democrazy.

I’m not for a specific candidate of the two offered, but it seems many people have voted for one candidate with the only merit in mind that they dislike the other. The two candidates played their game as best they could, and one of them won.

Trump could never win the election by playing the political game. He’s not a politician. So he shifted the focus to other issues. This is a reasonable tactic in any conflict situation. If you can’t beat your opponent at their game, change the game. Trump made the election be about something completely different than the issues Clinton wanted to raise awareness about. We have seen this in other countries and other elections, and we will continue to see this until “the politicians” get wise and figure out a strategy to highlight the issues they can actually do something about, and possibly win an election with.

Trump is also a very easy media target because of the outbursts. So media attacks him, once again shifting focus from political issues. I’m guessing you can say they took the bait, hook, line, and sinker; and I don’t understand how you on one hand can claim to be a proper journalist, and on the other hand fall for something as obvious as this. It’s called misdirection, smoke and mirrors, or just simply marketing. Cheap tactics, cheap points, and a destructive game? Absolutely. Effective? Very. Mainly thanks to media.

It’s been done before, and it’ll happen again.

Just my two cents, and I’m sure there are about a billion or more other people with different cents, and that’s OK too.

Bredband2 och avgifter (för att skicka faktura med e-post)

Det hÀr Àr helt underbart. Bredband2 har lyckats med konststycket att ta 19kr betalt för att skicka ut en faktura, som ett PDF-dokument via e-post. UrsÀkta sprÄket, men vad i helvete Àr det för fel pÄ er, Bredband2? Har ni sÄ dÄlig infrastruktur och administrativa system sÄ att ni mÄste ta betalt för att skicka ut e-post?

Är det sĂ„ hĂ€r man gör som operatör, nĂ€r man först tvingar över kunder till e-postfaktura genom att ta betalt för pappersfakturor och dĂ€refter börjar ta betalt för e-postfakturor nĂ€r man inser att ingen lĂ€ngre vill ha pappersfakturor?

Hur dÄliga rutiner har ni pÄ företaget Bredband2?

Bredband2 tar betalt för att skicka e-post
Bredband2 tar betalt för att skicka e-post

Life free of digital footprints should be a human right

The feeling that somehow, somewhere, someone connected the dots between your recent live chat session with your online florist and your Facebook account, or Google, or some other service or site that makes billions of dollars on selling your personal Internet usage data. That feeling.

Using a browser plug-in that detects known so-called trackers makes for some rather disturbing revelations. It’s not just about “ad blockers”, or “pop-up blockers”, or disabling support for “third-party cookies”. Many sites stop working cold when you block stuff that has no business being there in the first place.

When your online florist decides to add live chat support to their website they are putting their own business and your integrity at risk. And in many cases they are not even aware of it, nor should they have to be.

So the supplier of the live chat support drops in 10-12 known trackers, including Google, Facebook, Now Interact, and many many more. The live chat function doesn’t work if you have third-party cookies disabled in your browser. In other words, they require you to enable the possibility for sites to indirectly add tracking data to your browser, and you don’t even have to visit those sites.

Your online florist is paying the live chat supplier. The live chat supplier gets money from your florist, from advertisers, and from “web analytics” companies for including a number of trackers in their services. The advertisers and “web analytics” companies then sell advertising slots, perhaps to your online florist (can you say catch-22 ..)

What your online florist may fail to understand is that you as their customer cannot use their live chat support if you block things. So for you, the customer, and your online florist, it’s a lose-lose situation. For the live chat supplier and the advertising and tracking companies, it’s win-win. And a few months down the road, your friends on Facebook will receive suggestions about buying flowers online because you happened to use a live. And the suggested place of purchase will not be your online florist.

The point here is not that it’s impossible to prevent tracking. The point is that many things on the Internet stop working for “common people” if you do attempt to prevent tracking.

(And why would you want to use a live chat function in the first place? Because many companies are so bad at responding to customer support e-mails that you will grow old and senile waiting for a response. By the time it arrives, you won’t remember why you asked the questions in the first place.)

And the biggest problem of all? Nobody seems to care until it’s way too late. And by that time, you will realize that you have been tracked for the past 15-20 years, your children have been tracked since they were born and given their first Gmail account, and so on … maybe your biggest fear should not be giving out your credit card details online or what the NSA knows about your sexual preferences 😉

You may now resume power saving mode … Zzz zzzZzzz