Five Finger Death Punch at the Globe Arena in Stockholm 2017

What an awesome show by an awesome band! If you ever get a chance to see them live, do it! The Ericsson Globe Arena is a fairly small venue if you compare it to some of the monster arenas around the world, and I think 5FDP could easily have sold out twice as many seats. It was a nice experience to have a joint concert (5FDP and In Flames), which actually gave us three shows in one if you count the opening act. Alexander was very pleased with his first live 5FDP experience too!

Burn MF!

You can find the album, including some videos, here:

Guns N’ Roses; Not in this lifetime – Stockholm, Sweden 29-Jun-2017

Holy shit! That is the shortest summary I can muster, a few hours after the “Gunners” walked off the stage on Friend’s Arena in Stockholm, Sweden on June 29th 2017. I know a lot of people want to write GNR down with trash talk, and I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. But to perform like they did yesterday, after all the turmoil and shit they have gone through (and put themselves through) is nothing short of magic. This is the sixth time I see them live since hearing the intro riff to “Welcome to the Jungle” on the radio in my car, back in 1987. I’m obviously damaged goods, but hey, if this is damage, then bring it on. If you haven’t seen them live, now is (possibly your last chance) a good time. The only concert I can think of with GNR that is on par with yesterday’s performance would be seeing them live at Wembley many many years ago.

Thank you Duff. Thank you Slash. Thank you Axl.

And thanks to everyone else in and around the band for making this happen.

The only outstanding question is now: Why is there no Slash emoji?! There should be a law or something about this …



P-Floyd, the awesome Pink Floyd tribute band

What a show, what a performance. I knew P-Floyd was good and certainly wouldn’t put Pink Floyd to shame, but I had not expected this! Wow! I had previously seen Brit Floyd, but I think P-Floyd blew them away. Of course nothing compares to Pink Floyd, but I’m so glad I got to see P-Floyd in action! @ Rival in Stockholm, Sweden on 19 November 2016.

More pictures here:

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Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm (Sweden) 19-Oct-2015

First time I’ve seen this act, but probably not the last. I’ve seen several Pink Floyd concerts over the years. The first time was during the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour, at Globen in Stockholm. I was surprised at how tight and well played the concert at Cirkus in Stockholm was last night. And it was Brit Floyd, not Pink Floyd! 🙂 Very impressive. Kudos!

You’ll find some (smartphone) pictures below as well as some videos embedded from Flickr.

Brit Floyd - Comfortably Numb  Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


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Mavis Staples at Nalen, Stockholm Sweden

After having gotten the news about Mavis Staples coming to Stockholm for a concert, it was a quick chain of events that led us up to tonight’s show. Decisions, check schedules, tickets, success! The show was at Nalen in Stockholm, a fairly intimate venue/arena/place. Very suitable. This woman and fabulous singer delivers!

It was also interesting to hear her talk about “troubled times”, about segregation, and other things that she had experienced first-hand. It was an awesome evening, and I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to see her perform live. Let’s hope she can manage to make the trip again sometime in the future!

After the show, Carola and I went to the Cadier Bar at the Grand Hotel. Nice and quiet atmosphere 🙂

Alter Bridge at Fryshuset/Arenan, Stockholm Sweden

Once again, it was time for Alter Bridge to hit Stockholm. What an awesome band this is. It’s so good to see that they continue to deliver, concert after concert. As an extra added bonus, Alexander came along, his first real rock concert ever! 🙂

Melody Gardot at Stockholm Waterfront

I had some pretty big expectations for the Melody Gardot show on December 2, 2012 at Stockholm Waterfront in Sweden. I have to say that she exceeded every single one of them. What is most certainly a well rehearsed act was so relaxed that it felt like sitting in a recording studio witnessing a jam session with Melody and her band. She really is a great entertainer and gives the impression of a sensible down to earth person with talent to boot. Regardless of if you like her “style” of music or not, I can highly recommend an evening with her.