P-Floyd, the awesome Pink Floyd tribute band

What a show, what a performance. I knew P-Floyd was good and certainly wouldn’t put Pink Floyd to shame, but I had not expected this! Wow! I had previously seen Brit Floyd, but I think P-Floyd blew them away. Of course nothing compares to Pink Floyd, but I’m so glad I got to see P-Floyd in action! @ Rival in Stockholm, Sweden on 19 November 2016.

More pictures here: flic.kr/s/aHskQ6ih1P

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Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm (Sweden) 19-Oct-2015

First time I’ve seen this act, but probably not the last. I’ve seen several Pink Floyd concerts over the years. The first time was during the Delicate Sound of Thunder tour, at Globen in Stockholm. I was surprised at how tight and well played the concert at Cirkus in Stockholm was last night. And it was Brit Floyd, not Pink Floyd! 🙂 Very impressive. Kudos!

You’ll find some (smartphone) pictures below as well as some videos embedded from Flickr.

Brit Floyd - Comfortably Numb  Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


Brit Floyd @ Cirkus, Stockholm 2015-10-19


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