The Delta Felter reincarnate

The Delta Felter reincarnate has been located! While visiting a client yesterday, I noticed this laying on the table. Who would have known someone actually thought this dueling tool was a good idea, besides us?!  

R.I.P. Mats Birch

I have received very sad words that Mats Birch passed away in May 2019. He was truly an original character and also one of the persons behind “M” in the “JAM message base” design. I first met Mats in FidoNet circles many (!) years ago. …

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So I guess there’s something going on here after all: I guess, in some ways, it’s related to this post: FrontDoor announcement in FidoNews 1986 #LOL  

RemoteAccess BBS

RemoteAccess BBS-software and its last official website. RemoteAccess, or RA, as it was also called, was created by Andrew Milner and Phil Mackay in 1989. In its time, it was a very popular piece of software for those running a BBS. Towards the end of …

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