Fail2WP for WordPress updated to 1.1.0

Fail2WP for WordPress 1.1.0 has been released with fixes, new functionality, and verified compatibility with WordPress 5.7. The updated version is available via the WordPress Plugin repository and Fail2WP provides security functionality for WordPress sites and plays nicely with Fail2ban and Cloudflare too 🙂  

Cloudbridge Mattermost 2.0.0 with OAuth2 for WordPress

Cloudbridge Mattermost is a WordPress plugin that provides integration between WordPress and Mattermost. It has now been updated with OAuth2 authentication for WordPress via Mattermost. It has been tested with Mattermost 5.30+ and WordPress 5.5.3 and WordPress 5.6. Features at a glance: OAuth2 authentication, login to WordPress via Mattermost Notifications …


Disable Gravatar lookup in Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a wonderful open source video conferencing platform. Most things can be tweaked and configure to your needs. If it’s important to you, that Jitsi Meet does not make external requests to third-party services like Gravatar, etc, you can change your xxx-config.js file in /etc/jitsi/meet like so: disableThirdPartyRequests: …


The tip of the iceberg: Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

The short version of this post: Wake the fuck up and smell the maple nut crunch! The somewhat longer version follows. The Netflix “documentary”, “The Great Hack”, is a great beginning of something that will take years to be argued, debated, and (mis)understood. Thinking that Cambridge Analytica is the “bad …