Where did my Emacs color-theme go in Ubuntu 20.04.LTS?!

Having recently upgraded a small VPS from Ubuntu 18.04.LTS to Ubuntu 20.04.LTS, I ran into a little snag with Emacs and its color-theme (from the emacs-goodies-el package). After some digging, it seems this is now done somewhat differently in Ubuntu 20.04.LTS. This is what my .emacs file used to contain: …


Hello FrontDoor Inbox!

From start to finish, FrontDoor Inbox helps you keep track of the entire conversation. FrontDoor Inbox is suitable for use in helpdesks, service centers, the front office, receptions, customer support centers, call centers, booking offices, or in general situations where you need to keep track of conversations.

Using Shared Resources from your Linux workstation in your RemoteDesktop (RDP) environment and Windows Server

If you, like me, are using Ubuntu – or similar – for your daily stuff and need to connect to a Windows Server by using RemoteDesktop (RDP) / TerminalServer, you may find that local (Linux) resources are not made available to you on the Windows side. The Remmina client on …


When will Adobe Lightroom support Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 RAW images?

It’s taking Adobe a surprisingly long time to add RAW (lens correction profile) support for the excellent compact digital camera Sony DSC-RX100. I’m curious as to what the reason could possibly be? The Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 compact camera is by far on par with Canons S90, S95, S100, etc. series …