Hello FrontDoor Inbox!

FrontDoor InboxAfter years of internal use, we decided it was time to turn the FrontDoor Inbox Ticket system into a SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service at WebbPlatsen. For people that know some of my background, the name comes as no surprise, and I have to admit it does make sense when you think about it.

We played with quite a few “ticket systems” or “Helpdesk software” before putting down the first few lines of code for FrontDoor Inbox, and the biggest reason was, and still remains, simplicity. When the decision was made to go ahead and develop our own software to somehow get a grip of our the e-mail chaos, we simply couldn’t find anything affordable that did what we wanted it to do.

So if your company, or your organization, be it small or less than huge, need a service that’ll help you keep track of support conversations in a safe, GDPR-compliant, efficient, and rather straightforward way, you may want to check out FrontDoor Inbox.

The first lines of code were written in 2008, and during the eleven years that have passed since then, it has been rewritten a number of times, and we and our clients have been using it to handle hundreds of thousands of support tickets and e-mail inquiries. The current release is 2019.3 and it will help you turn chaos into order.

Keep track of FrontDoor Inbox on Twitter (@frontdoorinbox), or head on over to frontdoorinbox.com for more information.

2 thoughts on “Hello FrontDoor Inbox!”

  1. Hi,

    Is there still a way to register FrontDoor? BBSing is getting somewhat popular again and I’m in a much better position financially to register software, but it’s very hard to do these days when the software is somewhat dated.


    • You’re asking about FrontDoor, but the post is about FrontDoor Inbox 🙂

      But to answer your question, unfortunately, the “revived” FrontDoor environment has suffered from some setbacks, so it’s not currently possible to do what you ask. I don’t know when/if this will change since it’s a matter of finding the time (a lot of time).


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