Lightroom 5 cannot import images and crashes

LightRoom 5.x

I’m normally a LightRoom CC user, but on one computer that is “close to the camera”, I run an older version of LR (5.7x), just to have as a tool to do quick edits (and previewing what should go into the dumpster :)) This is a plain vanilla desktop computer, running Windows 10 Pro (64), Core i7, 32GB of RAM and an SSD disk.

All of a sudden, LightRoom would “Encounter a problem” (as Windows so elegantly puts it) and leave me with the only option to close the application every time I tried to import new media.

There are many suggested solutions to this problem on the Internet, but after having tried a few of them, I was about to re-install LightRoom 5. A “solution” I absolutely hate. Why on earth should I have to re-install an application to get it working again?! It’s 2017 FFS!

After reading a few more suggested solutions, I ran across one that didn’t make any sense at all. Until I tried it that is. It turns out I had my Android phone connected to the computer via a USB cable at the time. This is, apparently, a known issue. So I disconnected the phone and voila, imports started working again.

Adobe … seriously … really?

When will Adobe Lightroom support Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 RAW images?

Sony DSC-RX100It’s taking Adobe a surprisingly long time to add RAW (lens correction profile) support for the excellent compact digital camera Sony DSC-RX100. I’m curious as to what the reason could possibly be? The Sony Cybershot DSC-RX100 compact camera is by far on par with Canons S90, S95, S100, etc. series compact digital cameras. What seems to be the problem?

Adobe really doesn’t believe in saving the environment with boxless Photoshop Elements

When a customer was going to purchase 10+ licenses of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 10 for some simple photo editing, I contacted our distributor to inquire about the possibility of just getting one set of media and then some sort of electronic license. It seemed like the smart thing to do, electronic distribution of the software had been even better, but we’d settle for one box and 10+ license keys.

After having received the response from our distributor that “Yes, this is possible; here’s the item id you need”, I went to check the pricing, finding that it was roughly 15% more expensive than buying 10+ boxes! I was also told that the customer could use the same license key for all the purchased copies. So a natural follow-up was “Ah, so this means the user can also increase the number of seats the license is valid for?” The response was a “No, that is unfortunately not possible.”

So not only does Adobe present zero incentives for using the alternate method of licensing/purchasing, it also makes it more expensive than buying 10+ boxed products.


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