Lightroom 5 cannot import images and crashes

LightRoom 5.x

I’m normally a LightRoom CC user, but on one computer that is “close to the camera”, I run an older version of LR (5.7x), just to have as a tool to do quick edits (and previewing what should go into the dumpster :)) This is a plain vanilla desktop computer, running Windows 10 Pro (64), Core i7, 32GB of RAM and an SSD disk.

All of a sudden, LightRoom would “Encounter a problem” (as Windows so elegantly puts it) and leave me with the only option to close the application every time I tried to import new media.

There are many suggested solutions to this problem on the Internet, but after having tried a few of them, I was about to re-install LightRoom 5. A “solution” I absolutely hate. Why on earth should I have to re-install an application to get it working again?! It’s 2017 FFS!

After reading a few more suggested solutions, I ran across one that didn’t make any sense at all. Until I tried it that is. It turns out I had my Android phone connected to the computer via a USB cable at the time. This is, apparently, a known issue. So I disconnected the phone and voila, imports started working again.

Adobe … seriously … really?

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