Are you missing some keys on your Lenovo Laptop keyboard?

As much as I hate editing Excel / LibreOffice Calc sheets, it is sometimes necessary. While doing so recently, I noticed I was all of a sudden scrolling the entire document with the arrow keys, as opposed to switching cells. I found out that this was apparently expected behavior, when ScrLK (or “ScrollLock”) is active. Only, I was using one of my Lenovo laptops at the time. It doesn’t have a ScrLK key.

So, after some searching I found out that the answer is, as it often is, the Fn key. The following keyboard combinations work on many Lenovo laptops:

Break (FN + B)
SysRq (FN + S)
ScrLK (FN + K)
Pause (FN + P)

1 thought on “Are you missing some keys on your Lenovo Laptop keyboard?”

  1. I read on Lenovo forums some complaints about this. Also a long thread on missing keystrokes with some models of IdealPads. Maybe related to the supplier Lenovo has for those keyboards? I have a 110 IdealPad and keys have nice tactile feedback still, but have experienced periods of missing keystrokes. Also the annoyance of a different key layout. Lenovo I think recommends a third party solution to reassign keys. The layout issue isn’t that bad for myself, but I can certainly understand people who type a lot get used to a certain layout design. I know for myself I think I will buy a business notebook next time and not a consumer one.


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