Adobe really doesn’t believe in saving the environment with boxless Photoshop Elements

When a customer was going to purchase 10+ licenses of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 10 for some simple photo editing, I contacted our distributor to inquire about the possibility of just getting one set of media and then some sort of electronic license. It seemed like the smart thing to do, electronic distribution of the software had been even better, but we’d settle for one box and 10+ license keys.

After having received the response from our distributor that “Yes, this is possible; here’s the item id you need”, I went to check the pricing, finding that it was roughly 15% more expensive than buying 10+ boxes! I was also told that the customer could use the same license key for all the purchased copies. So a natural follow-up was “Ah, so this means the user can also increase the number of seats the license is valid for?” The response was a “No, that is unfortunately not possible.”

So not only does Adobe present zero incentives for using the alternate method of licensing/purchasing, it also makes it more expensive than buying 10+ boxed products.


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