Random Password Generator (POMjs)

POMjs is an open and uncomplicated Random Password Generator written in Javascript and HTML. We all love secure and random passwords, and sometimes you just need to make one up …


var_dump() for Javascript

PHP, for example, has var_dump() and print_r() to facilitate quick variable dumps to log files, etc. For Javascript, one can use console.log() in combination with JSON.stringify() to achieve something similar. …


Lightbox for Bootstrap 4 and jQuery

Lightbox (or “image preview”) functionality for Bootstrap 4 without additional libraries (apart from jQuery). Written by Joaquim Homrighausen <joho@webbplatsen.se> 30-May-2019 TEAMYUJO Do as you wish with this 🙂 This is …


jQueryMobile or “Mobile site” selection sets

Using jQueryMobile for a fairly lightweight “mobile site”, I wonder what all you experts say about selection sets. A (long) list of countries for example. To prevent excessive delays, I …


Javascript reflection for your images

Wicked cool image reflection done in Javascript. For jQuery: www.digitalia.be/software/reflectionjs-for-jquery For 3D perspective and other effects, consider using reflex.js