Hokan, the globetrotter

Hokan’s words:

Well, one has NOT celebrated new year unless one has done it in Luxembourg with the Homrighausen gang. WOW. Is that partying or WHAT. Luxmebourg was also very good on the 25th of September as Joaquim Homrighausen tends to celebrate his birthday.

Well, I have to admit to Hokan that we did some damage.. 🙂

If you’re curious to find out more about Hokan, or some of our parties, here are some links to start:

New Year’s Eve with Silja Line 1994/1995
One of many birthday parties

Oh look, I found my BBS

Having been involved in the world of computer networking for quite some time, it always strikes me as rather amazing when I find “old material” floating around the Internet. I found this a few minutes ago, while looking for something completely different.

It’s some sort of historical listing over bulletin board systems (BBS) in the Stockholm region; for those of you who don’t know what a BBS is (or was), go to Google and find out 🙂

Future Hacker Central
Stockholm (1986)
SYSOP Joaquim Homrighausen

Oh look, there’s my brother too:

Rumble Fish, The Not South HUB, Walkman’s Corner
Stockholm Sweden (1987-1990)
SYSOP Christian Homrighausen


Oops, I did it again

Well, I guess I just can’t sit still

Oh well; at least I get to see plenty of stuff and widen my horizons a bit! This time, we’re testing a package called Serendipity. I hope to get the hang of it sometime by the end of the next century. It is likely, if Serendipity does what I want, that the phpWebsite website previously found here will be moved to homrighausen.se.

Who dares wins!

Link to Serendipity: http://www.s9y.org/

Axl aka Pinero of Lucifer’s Delight

Axl, RIP, was born in July of 1991. He was my closest friend when I went through a rough patch in my life. Axl passed away in the fall of 2003. His “real” name was “Pinero of Lucifer’s Delight”. His more common name comes from a rock star who needs little in the way of introduction.

Axl has his own photoalbum at homrighausen.com; click here.


Is phpWebsite yet another content management system that doesn’t quite reach the level of useful software? This particular user doesn’t think so.

phpWebsite is yet another content management system, or aims to be. At a first glance, it’s very much the same stuff as seen in countless of packages available on the net; modules, blocks, articles, documents, files, images, and so on. Despite the fact that there’s nothing revolutionary about phpWebsite, it does most things very well.

The administrative interface and functionality is, in most cases, simple and straight forward. It could use some work in the area of content flow control, specially for environments with the need for a flexible application and/or functionality.

With that said, phpWebsite is a fairly simple yet compentent piece of software with great potential. If this basic description meets your needs, I’d recommend a quick peek and trial run.

You’ll find phpWebsite here.


The OPEN-XCHANGE Collaboration and Integration Server Environment allows you to store appointments, contacts, tasks, emails, bookmarks, documents and many more elements and share them with other users. This environment can be accessed via any modern web browser and multiple fat clients like KDE Kontact, Apples iCAL, Konqueror, Mozilla Calendar and many more.

How I wish for something like this .. something to offer a real alternative to Microsoft’s Exchange/Outlook “solution”; read more about it here.

Karlsson on the roof

I took Alexander to see the play of “Karlsson-on-the-roof” (“Karlsson på taket”) by Astrid Lindgren with Markoolio starring as Karlsson. What can I say.. the man was born to play this role. The role calls for something of a monkey-on-acid approach to acting, and Markoolio pulls it off.

Children from ages three to nine were there with their parents, and I think most of them had their eyes nailed to the stage throughout the whole play.

Nice, wonderful, well worth the cash; and a good break from the input of digital media.

Some links:
About Astrid Lindgren (in English)
About Astrid Lindgren (from Junibacken, in English)