Broken thumb

New Aikido equipment, Club of Thumb!

Ouch! I guess even the most “peaceful” of martial arts (that’d be Aikido in many people’s eyes) has its downsides; specially if you’re a clumsy Uke and don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when showing your son how agile his dad is.

Poor Agneta at our Dojo thought she had something to do with it.. well, at least this will teach me to never have my thumb across when holding for a throw/fall. Surgery, bandage/cast, and what’s worse, no Aikido practice for many weeks to come!


i run
away from
pitch black
into the sunlight
i feel salt
from the sweat
when I scream
i laugh
and i can see

you see
when i can no longer
i push
when you cannot pull
then we embrace
and rest
i wonder why
my energy must clash
with the phantom
i try to leave behind

into the green
you are caught
and cannot escape
it is too late
you see
i know, somehow i know
because i set you up
for the fall
for no reason
but to have it all

when we embrace
i realize
the mistake is mine alone
and i cannot make you see
that we have no spark
no twang
it just means
we were not meant
nothing more
but much much less

you climb
i fall
when you rest
my burden is too great
i am broken
you will not return
i will not follow
thus we have parted
on our way to the top

the stain is dry
it was not a moment ago
when my heart was beating
why did you let go
now i must cover, run, and hide
pretend you were never by my side
and you, are a liar

why are you hiding
what are you hiding
are you afraid i will not like you
in the nude
feel my flesh
eat my soul
consume me, goddamnit!

stab me and i swallow
fight me and i run
cross my line and you will hurt
for as long as my life goes on

in pain i find comfort
i take no notice of the blood
dripping down
i know i am alive
for a moment longer
you see, i feel

when they point at me
my eyes see mountains
conquer them, beat them
you cannot run away
from them nor the mountains

babblemouth and wicked tales
stories of horror
true lies and dance
we must love
hate is old
and makes you cold

walk a mile in my shoes
then give me some water
for your feet must hurt
and now you know
when the pain lingers on
there is no fear
only certainty of a purpose
without return


Simple webcam picture archive display

Platform: PHP
Version: 0.3
Author: JoHo

SWCPAD/PHP is a simple webcam image archive application written in PHP. It features some basic image file management and pretty much provides me with the features I need to maintain my archive of images captured with my webcam. If you are lucky, it may fill your needs too 🙂

Link to Freshmeat project page for this file is here.

You can also download it here.

WARNING: There is nothing revolutionary about this piece of software.

Slash’s Snakepit in Stockholm

Oh look, it’s a Slash!

Back from “Klubben på Fryshuset” (which translates to “the Club at the freezer”, more or less), where I watched Slash and his Snakepit band rock their pants off! This was a really great show.

My good friend Rich came up to Stockholm, and I went to pick him up via the Arlanda Express. We grabbed a few cold ones at the central train station and then headed home. The next day, we went to a Christmas Buffét at Ulriksdal’s Inn (Ulriksdals Värdshus), which serve traditional Swedish Christmas Food and Drinks. Rich rather enjoyed that (as most people do who go there).

In the evening, we ended up at the Club to watch Slash and friends. Since we thought it as much too early to go home after the gig, we all went to town and hit the Hard Rock Café; I’m sure we really needed to drink and party more.

It was great (!!!) seeing Rich again, and Slash, of course 🙂

Some (rather poor quality, due to.. ehr.. the lighting conditions, of course!) pictures can be found in the gallery, here.

Egghead brainstorming

“Egghead brainstorming”

We think of an egg, merely as something to eat.
By itself, on rye, or on wheat.

But an egg can be made in so many ways.
There would be no repetition fo several days.

Some prefer the white, it being pure as snow.
Others like their bread completely soaked,
in that think we call yoke.

Regardless of which one you like the most,
I think it’s delicious on toast.


Thoughts of creative solidarity

“Thoughts of creative solidarity”

Imagine, for a second, what we could do if we stopped all the

If we could spend our resources towards our ultimate purpose;
the survival, rather than the annihilation, of our race.

Why can’t we seem to think further than the piece of skin in our
face we call nose?

You say we’ve come far; through famine, disease, natural
disasters, and man-made wars.
But I say it’s time we stop making excuses.
We’re not a toddler anymore, struggling to walk, barely able to talk.
History is our childhood.

You say strength is being able to defend your home, your family,
and your future.
Who do you think you’re kidding?
It would require but a fragment of the tools of destruction we’ve
created to wipe your genes from the face of the earth; yours and
many with you.

So, in closing, all I want to say to you is this:
Instead of concentrating on what you can gain, think of how you
can help others benefit from your actions.
And before you throw that rock, ask yourself how it would feel if it
struck one of your children.


Politically incorrect questioning of human nature

“Politically incorrect questioning of human nature”

How can we claim to be a truly intelligent spieces
when we keep repeating the mistakes of those who
died fighting?

We say that animals cannot help themselves; that
they cannot purposedly decide between right or
wrong – because “it’s in their nature”.

If that is so, then why do we spend so much time
looking towards the past, worshipping the dead,
and repeating their mistakes?

How many times do we have to kill the children of
our neighbour, and how many of our children must
die at the hands of our neighbour, before we stop
and think?