Another cup of tea? Changing the 10D for a 20D

Having become familiar with the Canon 10D digital camera, I was more than a little bit excited when I read the specs and announcement for the 20D-model some months ago. I had been reading up on the 300D, but was and remain convinced that it is more of a “budget SLR”, aimed at the masses. The 300D is “comparable” to the 10D, and I’m sure that Canon will soon release a companion “budget” variant of the 20D.

Yesterday, I took the plunge and finally converted from my 10D to a 20D (we’re still talking about the camera here folks). You will find more information about the two cameras here:

Canon 10D
Canon 20D

I’ve come to like the 28-135mm IS (image stabilizer) USM lens, for general use. So it’s now a part of my new 20D-system. The 18-55mm allround lens that came with the 20D is short, light, and useful (if a bit limited). The new addition in the camera bag is the 100mm USM Macro lens, I can’t wait to take it for a spin. While I was at it, I upgraded the 512MB CF-card I had for the 10D to a 1GB “write-accelerated” (yeah, right) WA CF-card, and a table tripod.

Some of the “news” in the 20D include eight megapixel and USB 2.0, both of which are welcome additions!

2 thoughts on “Another cup of tea? Changing the 10D for a 20D”

  1. might make you laugh – though.. i am still satisfied with the photos of 1MB/pixel of my Sony VideoCam.
    the PC100(E) still rules 😉
    [you know who i am]


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