Alexander goes flat

Alexander got a new computer today; well, a new used computer that is 🙂 It’s a Compaq D510 2.x-something GHz desktop, with 512MB of RAM, and a brand spanking new HP 17″ TFT monitor (needless to say, TCO ’03). Can you say overkill!? Oh well, better to keep it than to sell it I suppose.

The paradox with a machine as “new” as this is that while most games, and other types of software written for 4-6 year olds, work best on old operating systems like Windows 9x and Windows ME; those operating systems utilize and handle “newer” equipment very poorly.

Windows XP can handle “emulating” these other sorry excuses for an “operating system” rather well, most of the time, but unfortunately it’s always that one favorite game or program that doesn’t work.

A shame there’s isn’t more friendly software (friendly as in “educational and entertainment for young children”) available for Linux!

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