Machinegun Mike goes Christmas shopping

I do it every year, and I get the same trigger urge every year. I guess we’re creatures of habit in more senses than one.

Today, Alexander wanted to go to a fairly large toy store (BR-Toys) “just to have a look”. Since he’d been fairly patient (for a 4.5-year old) the first half of the day, his wish was granted.

I’ve heard rumours to the effect that the toy industry is having a hard time attracting the same amount of business as it did just a few years back; well, I know the Chinese “toy” manufacturers can’t be included in that statement.

I’d like to conduct a social experiment.. drop five kids, in a completely empty toy store, without their parents or other adults present; see what they play with, and you get a real feel for how to market your cr*p ..

Not everything is better today.

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