The Planet

A clickable summary of things that you may not know about Mother Earth and its current shape; go check it out on (English), … Read more

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If you’re into Star Wars and/or organic foods, you may need to view this movie, it’s a blast!

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Drupal Theme: Kopernix

I finally found a light, yet styled theme for Drupal; it’s called Kopernix and is available from Obviously, it’s not being used here since … Read more


CSS Zen Garden

I just ran into this site: An excerpt from their mission statement: “There is clearly a need for CSS to be taken seriously by … Read more

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Flash Gordon: Google Labs

It’s obviously me.. you can tell I’m getting old.. anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen this, check it out:

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Google goes OpenGoogle

It’s the OpenRevolution, join the awakening.. or something! 🙂 Now Google launches Google Code.


Game of Flash

Play your favorites on-line? 🙂 Some classic games, like Diablo and Warcraft, done using Flash, Shockwave, etc. Check this out!


Babe the namy

Or name the baby maybe baby.. (English) (Swedish)



K00l resource for die-hard PaintShopPro-users: