Dagens Ord (The Daily Word)

I’ve been wanting to get into a routine of looking up a word per day; just to learn the meaning of a new word, or to confirm what I think I know about a word. So I figured maybe someone else might want to do that too (or not ;))

Anyway, I’ll start with words in Swedish, you’ll find them here, in case you’re interested.

Gallery @ Homrighausen

Coppermine is not what I was looking for, quite; but it’s better than many other gallery-type pieces of software I’ve played with. So, I’ve decided to put it up for the Homrighausen family photo album too, you’ll find it at www.homrighausen.com/cmg.

Hmm.. this makes me think that maybe I oughta merge the two galleries, instead of having separate ones.

Which file extension are you?

Take this quiz to find out which file extension most closely matches your personality. You need to answer all the questions to get an accurate result.

The quiz: BBspot.com

This is probably only of value to geeks 😉

And just to save you the suspense, according to BBspot, I’m a .GIF


Maggan, or “Trofast Tusensköna”, is another fine example of why labradors rock the dog world 🙂 Too bad Axl never got to meet her!

See more of Maggan here.

The Linux Documentation Project

The Linux Documentation Project is working on developing free, high quality documentation for the GNU/Linux operating system. The overall goal of the LDP is to collaborate in all of the issues of Linux documentation. This includes the creation of “HOWTOs” and “Guides”. We hope to establish a system of documentation for Linux that will be easy to use and search. This includes the integration of the manual pages, info docs, HOWTOs, and other documents.

You’ll find their website at tldp.org