So now the EU wants to find another way to ban Swedish tobacco (“snus”)

The EU has, since 1992, banned Swedish tobacco referred to as “snus” (contrary to popular belief, it does not rime on “moose”), a form of chewing tobacco used and placed under the upper gum. Regardless of surveys, studies, and research nobody is claiming it’s healthy for you. That is not where the argument and/or problem lies. The problem is that we have a gutless and bureaucratic EU Health administration and a collection of useless politicians who are chasing votes and/or cheap popularity.

The EU politicians are so full of shit.

Quote from “Dr. Lars-Erik Rutqvist – The Truth on Snus”

The EU ban was made on “all oral tobacco products” provided they were “not intended to be smoked or chewed”. In practice, this means that all forms of traditional, European smokeless tobacco products are allowed, except – snus. The logic behind this is indeed obscure as it has nothing to do with health effects, addictiveness, attractiveness, or any product feature related to these issues. It is solely based on how the product is intended to be used by the consumer.

Now the EU has gone one step further and want to outlaw flavor agents/ingredients in tobacco. So, why is all this a problem? We should try to limit tobacco use within the EU right? Specially among minors, right? All forms of tobacco use is bad for your health, right?

Let’s play with the following questions:

  • If all forms of tobacco use is dangerous, why aren’t cigarettes banned, completely done away with?
  • If someone stuffs a piece of tobacco under their upper lip, how is that bad for someone else? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t
  • Passive smoking is proven to affect people, inhaling unfiltered cigarette smoke is bad for your health. Why aren’t cigarettes banned?
  • If flavoring tobacco is banned because it introduces young people to tobacco use, why isn’t flavoring in alcohol banned? Surely, Strawberry flavored hard spirits has zero positive health effects?

Politicians often contradict themselves (some would say this is a requirement for the job description), but this is such blatant and meaningless bullshit. Either tobacco is bad for you, or it isn’t. If it is, and they want to ban it, ban all forms of tobacco.

Quoted from “Tobacco in Australia | Facts & Issues”

Sweden has a similar prevalence of tobacco use to its neighbours, but one of the world’s lowest tobacco-attributable mortality rates. Some observers have suggested this phenomenon, known as ‘the Swedish experience’ is explained by the increasing use of smokeless tobacco by Swedish smokers, a trend that has corresponded with a decline in smoking prevalence. However, this interpretation has been debated.

Quote from Wikipedia on Youth smoking:

There is epidemiological evidence that shows Swedish snus has successfully emerged as healthier alternative to cigarettes.


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