AC/DC: Black Ice; vintage AC/DC with an edge

The Black Ice CD finally arrived! Yep, the CD. In the day and age of downloadable and streamable media, I prefer to buy the CD for a few select artists; if for nothing else but to convert it to a better format with some control of the output quality 🙂

AC/DC has seen ups and downs, but they’re still here; in fact, I’d go so far as saying they’re back with a big bang! The release of their new Black Ice album is their first album in eight years, and it’s a welcome “gift” to us less worthy 🙂

“Recent” albums have varied in quality and sound. I personally think the Razor’s Edge from 1990 is one of their best studio albums since Back in Black. Ballbreaker was a bit of a disappointment, while Stiff Upper Lip was a beginning to the return of what has now appeared as Black Ice. Of course, AC/DC’s LIVE album from 1992 is right up there as far as live albums are concerned. 100% pure rock.

I would describe Black Ice as part Razor’s Edge and Stiff Upper Lip, part Back in Black, and part Flick of the Switch. It has sounds from all of these “eras” or “albums”. As with many promotional things with AC/DC, the album booklet is minimalistic; it lists the band and the songs, and it shows a few pictures of the band members. For the rest, you’ll just have to “Press Play” 🙂

As with anything related to music, my opinions are my own. I’m sure some AC/DC fans will hate Black Ice. I’m sure many will love it.

You want some good, solid rock? You want Black Ice!

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