CPR training

Today I went to Alexander’s day care where they held a one-evening CPR and first-aid course. Its main focus, of course, being on children; I thought it might be appropriate to learn.

I didn’t expect to learn everything in just over two and a half hours, but it’s definitely something that brought my attention to many smaller issues and potential problems. I learned a lot, and all in all it felt like time very well spent.

If I don’t have to use the information, I’m a happy person. Should I ever need to use it, I might as well know it (or at least have a clue). I’m thinking this is a course or training that one could – and should – attend on an at least bi-yearly basis.

Some links:

KidsHealth on CPR
Learn CPR; you can do it!
Första hjälpen (Swedish Red Cross)

You say tomato, I say kumato

Being one to miss the odd colored and exceptionally tasty tomatoes found in places like the Greek islands of Kos and Crete, I ran across an interesting “relative” in the supermarket today. It looked like black or blackened tomatoes.

I couldn’t find anything on WikiPedia about it, and I’m by no means a qualified agricultural expert to do the write-up :-), but I did find some interesting links and what appears to be some controversy about the “Kumato”:


The taste? Hard to describe; like a very tasty tomato.. but I suppose that doesn’t say much considering how little most tomatoes (specially the “perfect” one mass-grown in Spain and the Netherlands) actually taste. Perhaps I can put it in a different way. Given a choice, I’m not sure I’d ever use tomatoes, if I had access to “kumatoes”. Excellent for salads, tasty on its own. For home made salsa and “kumato sauce”, it’s unbeatable.

Jack’s spicy Chili Chicken Salad and a game of Uno

After having spent five hours shopping for various boring items like new shoes for the kids, walking shoes for me (yup, another pair of Cats worn down), and some household items, we managed to get some nice and quiet time once the kids had found their way to their beds.

We found a nice white wine we hadn’t tried before, Argento Chardonnay, which went nicely with Jack’s spicy Chili Chicken Salad. We finished the bottle during our game of Uno, and rounded off with a bottle of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout; a surprisingly nice stout, which we’ll drink again. A deep flavoured stout makes for a nice dessert and keeps your fingers out of the candy bag 🙂 Continue reading Jack’s spicy Chili Chicken Salad and a game of Uno