You say tomato, I say kumato

Being one to miss the odd colored and exceptionally tasty tomatoes found in places like the Greek islands of Kos and Crete, I ran across an interesting “relative” in the supermarket today. It looked like black or blackened tomatoes.

I couldn’t find anything on WikiPedia about it, and I’m by no means a qualified agricultural expert to do the write-up :-), but I did find some interesting links and what appears to be some controversy about the “Kumato”:

The taste? Hard to describe; like a very tasty tomato.. but I suppose that doesn’t say much considering how little most tomatoes (specially the “perfect” one mass-grown in Spain and the Netherlands) actually taste. Perhaps I can put it in a different way. Given a choice, I’m not sure I’d ever use tomatoes, if I had access to “kumatoes”. Excellent for salads, tasty on its own. For home made salsa and “kumato sauce”, it’s unbeatable.

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