Exactly one piece of carry-on luggage #WTF

Most people travelling by air seem to be able to read. This is encouraging. The instructions are simple: One (1) piece of carry-on luggage. The rest of the luggage is check-in-luggage. That means:


I quite often travel with camera(s), computers, tablets, books, and what not.

Amazingly enough, it all fits in exactly ONE PIECE OF CARRY-ON LUGGAGE.

But when I’m asked if I would like to check in my carry-on luggage, I have to politely decline as it’s not a good idea to let airport baggage handlers have their go at sensitive electronic equipment.

So you seat yourself onboard the plane only to see some people carry on one “cabin suitcase”, one handbag, one backpack, one laptop case, and sometimes an additional bag or two with their “tax-free shopping”. And all of a sudden, the ability to read and comprehend a simple sentence goes out the window! I mean, these people understand the concept of going to the toilet in the designated area instead of relieving themselves in their seat. So how hard is it to count to one?

Say what?! #WTF