Riai Aikido Dojo: 7 suburi & 31 kata

Riai Aikido Dojo in Göteborg (Gothenburg) was established in 2003 by Jan Bratt (4 dan) and Pia Moberg (3 dan). Apart from the most obvious activities like training and seminars, Jan and Pia have also produced a number of booklets. Rather than spanning a wide number of topics, each booklet takes the “simple and clean” approach and tries to narrow down a few topics.

In this booklet, named 7 suburi & 31 kata, Jan and Pia take on the seven bokken suburi, and the 31 jo kata. The booklet is bi-lingual (Swedish and English), and each step of the suburis and kata is illustrated with pictures (photographs). As an additional aid, the tatami (mat) has a clearly defined cross (made from simple masking tape) on each picture; thus improving the ability for the reader to orientate as the technique moves from one frame to the next.

The writing is uncomplicated and straight forward.

So, hats of and congratulations to Jan and Pia for a job well done.

You can find more information about Riai Aikido Dojo here, where you can also order their publications.

Shodan (male): A male who is so adept at blending (and helping others to blend) that he can wear a skirt to class and nobody in class will laugh at him because he might help them learn to blend with the mat. At high velocity” — from The Aikido FAQ.

Holding my first Aikido class

The head instructor for the evening could only hold the first segment of the class today. So three of us were handed the responsibility of holding the second segment of the class. For some reason I was voted to handle it (probably as the person-most-in-need-of-help). We did plenty of randori, and some kokyonage. It was a lot of fun to hold the class; and afterwards it was very educational to hear feedback. As with many other things in aikido, it was a humbling experience 🙂

Pat Hendricks to Stockholm for the first time!

Stockholm Aikido Club has invited Pat Hendricks for a three day seminar in Stockholm. The seminar will be an exciting event.

Pat Hendricks, 6 dan aikikai, started out in California 1975. She has continously travelled to Japan. Pat Hendricks runs a dojo, Aikido of San Leandro where she teaches students as well as uchi deshi. You’ll find it on www.aikido-sanleandro.com.

Pat Hendricks, 6 dan aikikai, is one of the highest ranking women in aikido.

You can read more about this event, Aikido, and our Aikido Club on our website, which is www.stockholm-aikido.nu.

Aikido 3D

For all aikidokas out there who didn’t run across this site yet, here’s the link to take you there: Aikido 3D. Finally somebody put Flash from Macromedia to some good use 🙂


Yaaay! Today, I finally got my very first Hakama Pants; I should have gotten it around May of 2003, but my ehr.. supplier (Jens).. has been backlogged.. or something 🙂 Thanks to Stefan at our Dojo for helping me out.

Hakama? Originally, the Hakama was worn as an outer garment to protect a Samurai horseman’s legs from brush, weeds, etc. (similar to a cowboys leather chaps). In Japan, since leather was so very hard to come by, heavy cloth was used in its place. After the Samurai made the transition from mounted soldiers to foot soldiers, they continued to wear the hakama largely due to the fact that it set them apart and made them easily identifiable. [source: www.loyola.edu]

You can read more about it here:


Will I be wearing my newly acquired equipment to work.. ? Unlikely 🙂

Broken thumb

New Aikido equipment, Club of Thumb!

Ouch! I guess even the most “peaceful” of martial arts (that’d be Aikido in many people’s eyes) has its downsides; specially if you’re a clumsy Uke and don’t pay attention to what you’re doing when showing your son how agile his dad is.

Poor Agneta at our Dojo thought she had something to do with it.. well, at least this will teach me to never have my thumb across when holding for a throw/fall. Surgery, bandage/cast, and what’s worse, no Aikido practice for many weeks to come!