SCSF Diet – Sensible Carbs Sensible Fat

SCSFHere’s a 30-60 second health advice that will do better than any known diet, any expensive book, any “advisor”, and any “guru”. It’s free. Really, you can use it as many times as you want. No license fee, no royalty. In fact, you don’t even have to acknowledge you ever read it here.

Step 1:
Fuck all diets and use your brain!

Step 2:
There is no miracle pill. There is no miracle pill. There is no miracle pill.

Step 3:
You alone are responsible for your own health. You can blame anyone and anything you want, they will not be here to fix or honor your responsibility towards yourself.

Step 4:
If output exceeds input, you will lose weight. Whatever form of exercise you choose, it is better than no exercise. How fit you want to be is beyond the scope of a diet, and entirely up to you. Nothing, except physical exercise will improve your physical fitness level. Period.

Step 5:
(Sensible Carbs Sensible Fat)
Avoid unnecessary carbs
(added sugar, and too much fast carbs)
Avoid unnecessary fats
(specially saturated fats)

Step 6:
There is no step 6.

Step 7:
Oh, by the way, all those products with words like “Diet” and “Light” in them, are industrial products from chemical factories. They do not make you lose weight, they do not make you healthy, they do not make you beautiful¸ they do not make you fit, and they do not improve a single thing in your body. All they do is put strain on your organs and trick your body into consuming more useless crap. Everything else you may hear about these “additives” is 110% bullshit.

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