The coolest SFF around, the FSC Q5000 rocks!

When Fujitsu Siemens released news about the Esprimo Q5000 SFF family, I was really curious to see how it would stack up in tests and reviews. How it would handle when it got hot, how good performance it really had, and so on. I checked out the specs, I looked at product photos, and everything looked great. I had no idea how great it really was until I got my hands on one a few weeks ago, when a client lost one of their older HP SFF machines. We decided against replacing it with a new HP SFF, and instead opted for the Esprimo Q5000 from Fujitsu Siemens.

When the box arrived from our supplier, I was a little bit confused about the size of the box, or lack thereof rather. When I opened the box and saw that half of the box space was occupied by accessories, I was wondering if I had gotten only half of the shipment. When I opened the box with the Q5000, my face broke into a huge grin. This is the coolest SFF I have ever seen!

Sporting an Intel Duo 2 Core CPU, WiFi LAN, internal graphics and wired LAN (of course), DVI, Firewire, USB, and a slot-in DVD reader/burner .. there’s little to say about its features. In fact, what makes this box so fascinating isn’t any of the aforementioned features. The one part of the specifications I hadn’t read, were the physical dimensions. I had seen the product images and realized it was small, but it’s.. really tiny. It’s not much bigger than some of HP’s thin clients, but it’s a real machine!

Until I get a really good reason not to, this is what I’ll be replacing all of our clients’ workstations with, as older computers are put to pasture. The biggest problem will be finding something nice to put right next to it, to re-waste all that reclaimed space on the desk 🙂

Read more about the Esprimo Q5000 on the Fujitsu Siemens website.

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