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  1. I’m obviously not worthy, but maybe on my way to become.. πŸ™‚ Knowing how long it took me to reach 190K, you must have played for eons the time you hit that score!

  2. Working on a game, got 1 750 000 now πŸ˜‰ Had to beat a girl at my school who got 1,4 million

  3. Currently working on a game scoring 7,931,205. Hoping to reach 10million soon. I’m convinced that 9,999,999 is the top score – no more room left for digits.

  4. My high score list is:
    1. 3,213,550
    2. 1,422,545
    3. 735,820
    4. 538,970
    5. 428,215

    Hah πŸ˜€

  5. i have a score of 1.9 milloin and i am still goinghope to reach 2 milloin can anybody beat this.

  6. My daughter has managed to delete this highly addictive game from my phone!! Help! Im lost without it – anyway i can re-install it?

  7. Not sure how you get into the millions guys, I usually start on level 6 and have managed to get to 199915 but went cross-eyed in the process…. πŸ™‚ JC Does Texas is another “cant put down” game, up to 23919, not sure how good that is in the greater scheme of things..

  8. all well and good playing it on a phone.. but can we download it from somewhere to use on a pc? Far less fiddly = better scores! Ive managed to get to a weedy 29,750 so far…

  9. incredible game, im addicted to this game in my w880, also my girlfriend in her phone.

    My high score is 263.590

  10. i’m addicted to this game

    My Current Highscore List:

  11. Can anyone tell me how can i get Quadrapop for my pc. Im from Bosnia and my english is too bad, im sorry :D:D:D

  12. can’t believe these scores!! I thought I was seriously kicking butt with my 1.2 million score. Talk about incentive to keep playing. I love this game!!

  13. All you have W series cell phones. But I have Z series, Z530i. Without doing any cheat like taping the next track on W series to slow the game.
    And I did 634005 points.

  14. err “k8i” if you look up a few posts at least two people have already got to 9,999,999!!

    so they did beat you, sucker!


    i love this game
    its completely addictive!!

    i want it on my laptop!!

  15. I reached the 10 milliones! Took me more than 2 months on and off while I was travelling in Philipines and Thailand, played when I had to wait in taxis and stuff….

    To my big dissapointment it just continues after 10 milliones πŸ™ so I quit, not funny when there is never gonna be a limit….

  16. i can beat it i have already registered a score of over1.5 million points and soon will look to break the 2 million mark

  17. Ahhh, quadrapop. I play on the way to Uni. In my half hour train trip the highest i’ve gotten so far is 85,000.

  18. wow, decided to trawl the net if there was indeed a quadrapop topscore site, have been playing the game, and 3 weeks of on/off playing have got to 160,000, never thought it would get into the millions! i was stoked the first time i got throught the 100,000+! how long did it take the 8million+ people to do it??

  19. mine is just 300K for now. i didn’t realize somebody could do 900k. anywayz, i’ll keep trying…

  20. haha i’ve just beaten the game with a score of 1,000,000,000. Just wating for quadrapop 2 to come out.

  21. my high score is 300860 this game is so addictive im going for 999999 but its gona take a while πŸ™‚

  22. Well i got almost 3,000,000.00 πŸ™ and i found out that u cant get more than 9,999,999.00 what a shame

  23. I have a W300i and i reached 35 million before i accidently hit new game instead of end game. I dont know about this cap that you are talking about. Maybe i have a newer phone or something. I was trying to get to 100 million to see if it would let me keep going. wasted a few months there. My current posted high is 11.6 million.

  24. Please! i have a Nokia, and i really want this game on my pc, is there any way to get it on pc?

  25. I got 6 900 000 now, has played this round since september and am still on it. Seems like there will be room for one more digit so i keep on until i reach 10 000 000. W800i

  26. So I am not the only one absolutely addicted, don’t understand how anyone gets scores in the millions my highest is 64990

  27. heyy ive got 2119095 but after a while the game gets so freaking boring i think id be cool if they had levels going up higher then level 9 then it would acually be a challenge πŸ˜‰

  28. hi all just got 2.4 million on qp.never thought it possible guys.if i can do it so can you!!!!

  29. Hello everybody, I’m french. What can I say to learn ?? What is this for high scores ? LOL !!! Now I’ve got 11 845 783
    If somebody can doing better, call me please =)
    Thanks bye !!

  30. I am at 2.7 million right now and there is no slowing up, I am in the groove.

    All of my other 10 tens are over 1 mil

  31. Believe it or not, but I just found out yesterday that the counter stops at 999999. I even made a film of it with my camera, because I was afraid it would just go back to 0 or something.
    My trick? I just start at level 9, things don’t get faster/more difficult and for the rest: patience, I usually just play a few minutes a time, at the toilet! πŸ˜›

  32. So you are waiting for QUADRA POP 2 to come out huh… well, hows this for an opportunity?! What if I told you all that (*YOU*) could have a direct impact on what Quadra Pop 2 would look and play like? Sound interesting?!! Please post your comments here and I will be sure to take them into account when we build the new game… you can expect to see it in 2009!

  33. no no no thats impossible! 2 million?
    I cant even make rotation after 20k on my t250i.
    Im sure u guy play a simplified version
    or sth πŸ˜€

    Somebody know pc version/clone?

  34. ma top score is 3906675 but how do i put quadrapop on another phone apart from sonyericsson which has it??

  35. everyone here is so good my best is only 277 000 well done i keep trying and hopefully crack 1 million

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