La linea; old school multimedia

In the world of wireless multimedia and mobile connectivity, it brings great joy to run into some really simple and classic cartoons like “La Linea” on the net.

I remember watching these on TV when I was young (around the time of the Dinos).. and I’ve been trying to get a hold of a DVD collection of “La Linea” (or “Linus på linjen” as he’s known in Swedish) for ages. But I guess I shouldn’t be expecting that to surface anytime soon; besides, you could probably fit all of them on a 512MB flash memory. Scouting around the net, I did, however, find an old (and out-of-stock) DVD collection.. and maybe one that’ll be released in the summer of this year.. yaaay 😉

Today I ran into this TV5 archive (don’t get your hopes up, this is far from Pixar :-). Enjoy!

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