Looking for that re-usable Wiki engine code

So I got an idea for a really silly and really simple service; based on the contents of wikipedia.org. I decided to try to re-use someone else’s wiki parsing code (PHP). After an hour and a half, I still haven’t been able to find something that handles the output from WikiPedia.

I found TipiWiki on freshmeat, but it missed a few things. Then I found PWP Wiki Processor, also on freshmeat; it also didn’t quite reach the mark. Now what.. ?! 😉 The last two candidates were WikkaWiki and PhpWiki, but no go there either.

The output I’m trying to parse is the output from, for example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Export/Guns_N’_Roses. I really don’t want to sit down and do what fifty other people have already done if I don’t have to.

Perhaps someone or something is trying to tell me to move on to the next silly idea? 🙂

It should be noted that all of the above mentioned software is probably very good and very functional; any failure to utilize the code for my needs most likely lies with me. But you already figured that out.

On the next run, this morning, I realized someone would probably have deposited this with PEAR.. and there was a match for my Google query there, at pear.php.net/package/Text_Wiki in fact.

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  1. D*mn, that was fast! 🙂 I’ll be sure to give feedback. Some of my questions will no doubt be due to inability to use the component(s) properly.


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