No more EEE

Yaay; I finally did it! I went ahead and deleted one of my IM-accounts.. whooohoo! 🙂 Oh, sorry – just had to get that off my chest. No more MSN/Hotmail for me. So let’s see.. now it’s down to Skype, Yahoo, and ICQ. I only use my Skype-account, so I’m not sure what I should do with the other two. Perhaps they need to follow the MSN-account?! Gasp! But then I will soon have no identity!??!

Sorry, I’ve been home for almost two weeks with two kids and a wife; all three of which have had high fever, running noses, and generally been in a dreadful mood. And tonight I went to a triple Aikido class, endorphins are flowing and the Yogi tea is hot 🙂

EEE you say? BoC(tm)! Em Ess En.

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