Where in the world is Rod Jackson?

After having been included in the Slash’s Snakepit line-up for the Ain’t Life Grand album, Rod seems to have disappeared. Has anybody seen him or heard of him, maybe in another band? I went to see Slash’s Snakepit when they came to Stockholm, and Rod was playing (singing) with them back then.. this dude rocks on stage!

I’d say Rod gives the lead singer of Velvet Revoler, Scott Weiland, a run for his money — I’m actually a bit surprised we didn’t see Rod in Velvet Revolver. That said, Scott is as good of a match as anybody in the current line-up of VR. OTOH, something could have happened to Rod that I’m not aware of 🙂

Slash’s Snakepit: www.snakepit.org | wikipedia.org
Velvet Revolver: www.velvetrevolver.com | wikipedia.org

Rock on!

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  1. whene you here somthing about rod email me
    I want to know what happen to this great singer he kicks ass like nobody.

  2. I will update this entry, should I find out anything more. I agree, Rod really rocks the house in a way few vocalists do.

  3. Damn! Well, I’ll just have to get the album and hear for myself 🙂 Depending on the style, it might just do anyway. The question is when (or if) it will be available at mainstream places here in Sweden.

  4. holy shit…..

    I found Rodney Jackson!!!

    haha, hm country huh…. never liked country, but this is a good reason to give it a try…

  5. Hey guys,
    I’m a hotel manager in hollywood, CALIFORNIA, USA. Well Rod right now is in hollywood staying in our hotel. It’s very interesting that i found this particular blog while i was doing some research on Rod. I’m not a music guy, so i didn’t know anything about Rod until one day we were talking and he told me all his story. So i was doing some research to find the authenticity in his story.

    Rod is going solo and is working on his album right now. As a matter of fact he is close to completion. He’s having a record deal with the Interscope Music company.

    Ok bye for now.


  6. He he .. I wish Rod all the best, and it’d be really nice to hear his record, specially if he’s doing any rock tracks. He’s got an amazing energy in his voice and stage act.

  7. Rod has an album out with his new band “3 of a Different Kind” It’s not that good, nothing like the Awesome powerful sound of the Snakepit CD

  8. Que cantante Dios! un grozo!, is the best singer then i been listening yn the last 10 years, I’m waiting for his record. Be strong Rod, and kick ass!


  9. OK kids, here’s the REAL scoop on the incomparable Mr. Rodney Jackson – yes, he appears on an album entitled ‘There’s A Rhythm to These Streets’ by 3 of a Different Kind, but that was a one-off for a very lucky ‘friend’ (note the myspace address of Reply #3, who said Rod has gone ‘country’ – maybe to keep him in town?).. OK, he HAS written a couple killer country tunes (for an upcoming Pride Hutchinson/Michael Dumas/Dwight Yoakum project), but he still loves to rock. Rod belted out the lead vocals on a handful of tracks for Bob Borba and some of the guys from Tesla and, yes, he has recently been approached to replace Mr. W. in V.R., but Rod Jackson, my friends, is ready to roll on his own, and his time is now. He’s in Hollywood finishing up some new tracks (heavy, deep and real) that are literally days away from being delivered (in demo form) to at least 2 individuals who have been awaiting their arrival with marketing engines primed – and its unlike ANYTHING that’s out there right now. How do I know? I’m the lucky guy he’s writing, recording and mixing with, and I’m cranking it right now! So stay tuned – and put your seatbelts on..

  10. He is currently in two bands:

    *Three of a Different Kind*
    A country / blues / rock trio from L.A.
    *Band Members*
    – Rod Jackson
    – Stefan “Big Swede” Svensson
    – David “Razz” Rasmussen
    *CD’s* – 2006 – There’s a Rhythm to These Streets

    An awesome L.A. rock/funk/experimental band!
    *Band Members*
    – Greg Hampton
    – Reeves Gabrels
    – Stefan “Big Swede” Svensson
    – Rod Jackson

  11. Hi Francesco. This is about Rod Jackson.
    My name is Nader, I am a recording engineer interning at Broken Wave studio. I will also graduate from LARS in CA 3 months from now. I was on my lunch break having a cigarette and Rod Jackson approached me. To be honest, I did not know who he was but we started talking about music. He asked if i knew how to engineer and also operate pro tools. I said yes. We went back to his place and made a few plans to meet up and get into the studio. He told me who he was and when I got home i wanted to confirm everything. I saw pics of him in the band and read a lot about him. When I was at his place he started singing and playing the keyboard. It was AMAZING. Met him yesterday, such a nice guy. We have plans to work together on his projects and mine. He seems very positive and eager to start working. What an honor this is.

  12. I actually stayed next door to rod when I visited L.A. Last week Rod was awesome! Are you Jimmy I??? because I told him to foward you my number because I am the future of Interscope I am Mr. A&R ask him about me. He has my number I am 22 and ready for this business all i need is a chance.

  13. Slash has issues with him. That’s why he would never have been considered for VR or to work with Slash again. In Slash’s Words “The second Snakepit was a nightmare” “Rod is an unmotivated junkie”.

  14. That’s a shame — first because Rod obviously has serious talent, and second because it just sounded so good (much better than any other Snakepit or VR attempt at getting a good vocal lead).

    It’s interesting that Slash expresses it like that, if he indeed did, I guess we’re all at different points in our lives and that timing is everything. 20 years ago, Slash had serious issues with indulgence.. 🙂

    Oh well.. where do we go now.. 🙂

  15. @JAH (2008)

    Do you know whether there was a name for that Rod project, when you wrote here that he had recorded with Bob and Tesla?
    Was it here in Sacramento / SF Bay Area ?

    (It was only about 3 years back, right?)
    Thx; Larry

  16. Rob is doing great, just about to sign with Sony, I do believe. Just sent him the link to this website.

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