Where’s the &!%$)?@ week number?!

Although most people (using computers) will never pay for Windows XP as a separate product (either because they don’t pay for it at all, or because it comes pre-installed on their beloved PC), many are aware of the fact that it costs money, and that it’s a half-decent operating system (although full of security holes).

This operating system can do many thing, ranging from advanced disk and memory management to automated blue screen of dumps and multi-tasking.

But it cannot show me the bloody week number in the calendar. I can get an add-on that will do it, probably a free one, but I cannot get Windows XP to do it. Nor can I, as a user, decide which information (such as the date) I want to see in the “time” field on the taskbar.

How hard can it be!? Aaaaargh!

4 thoughts on “Where’s the &!%$)?@ week number?!”

  1. Lol! Probably cause the week numbers are a very locally, ie swedish, concept and would probably just confuse the rest of the worldmarket?

  2. Microsoft have probably spent more on marketing XP than the Swedish GNP/BNP; they have shitty products, but they’re not stupid 🙂


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