SuSE goes PowerEdge 750

After having hesitated for many months and years, I finally got my hands on a new Dell server waiting to be configured for SuSE Linux (SuSE 9.0 Professional). Although the sales person was dearly convinced it would work without any problems (“Oh yes, we know it works with the SuSE Enterprise Server”), I was a bit suspicious.

I did not need to be; the PERC4 SCSI-RAID controller was properly detected, and after that, the installation went very smooth. As soon as the files had finished copying, a reboot was in order; followed by an on-line update. Shortly thereafter, the machine was up and running.

Apart from the fact that the 750 PE is a 1U chassi (they tend to make more noise since the fans are smaller and have to rotate/spin faster), this server is very simple, very basic, and very functional.

1 thought on “SuSE goes PowerEdge 750”

  1. However, you should think twice before ordering rackmounting!!!
    But i agree, it´s a nice machine. I want on… wait, it is MINE 🙂


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