Sloppy thinking in good product

What in the world would make a manufacturer like D-Link produce a nice and affordable router/gateway/firewall/VPN piece of equipment like the DI-804HV, and not include support for configuration by means of SSH and/or HTTPS?

This product is by no means “brand new” or the “latest of the greatest”, but it is modern enough to warrant some modern and proper security features.

The remote management feature is, of course, disabled by default. But as an administrator I have an option to either leave it disabled, or transmit my password in cleartext across the Internet. Gee, those are both appealing options.

On an additional note, while the web based configuration interface is nice, it really needs to be re-worked to handle text-only browsers, such as Lynx, much better. It is almost impossible to configure the damn thing using low-tech stuff.

Oh wait.. I forgot.. everybody is using Windows and a GUI!

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