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Finishing the Code

So now I’m one of those who’ve read the book, as opposed to one of those who haven’t, whatever that means 🙂 I don’t care if it’s based on facts or not, nor do I care about some of its flaws of logic; I do care for the reasoning behind the sacred feminine, and I do like mysteries. So there you have it.

Would I recommend the book? Definitely. Will it cause a cultural revolution? I doubt it very much.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, there’s a pretty cool “message” in the book that I think more people should ponder.


Under rug swept

Snow; nature’s way of implementing “under rug swept”


Winter is finally here! Bromma (the airport closest to where I live) had a temperature of -14 C this morning, yess!!!


Game of Flash

Play your favorites on-line? 🙂 Some classic games, like Diablo and Warcraft, done using Flash, Shockwave, etc.

Check this out!


Racing the Snow Flyer

After having watched the snow fall all day, we decided to go “hill hunting”. After 20 minutes, we found a really nice one. So we spent two hours going up and down the hill. The Stiga Snow Flyer is fun, specially if you’re two on it; but it needs some padding in the.. ehr.. well, seating department 🙂 Flying over bumps is great, landing is.. a crusher!

Oh, and speaking of crushing.. it’s t e n weeks now!


Hipp HIPP Hooray

So this is probably old news to many parents.. but for those parents who don’t think it matters or that there’s little difference between brands of baby foods, have a closer look at Hipp’s organic products. It’ll be worth your time. Thanks to Hipp for proving the concept of “less sugar to children” possible, even in baby foods.

English website
Scandinavian website
German website


The four seasons according to Bilbo

Alexander today proclaimed the four seasons to be Autumn, Summer, Winter, and New Year’s Eve (in that order)! Little did you know, eh? All this time you had it all backwards. Well, thanks to Alexander we can now see the light! 🙂


Micro-Pulses by Gillette

So, on the list of “the most unnecessary product of the year”, Gillette should have a guaranteed candidate in its “M3Power Razor”. GMAFB(tm)! There are many reasons why I use a razor when shaving, the no-battery-required being one of them.

But really, the Gillette Company already has the Braun brand in their portfolio, right? What’s next, the MegaTron Talking Handheld Blender?! Oh, no.. wait.. I know.. it’ll be the Braun Antique Razor (aka “the BAR”). It’s a manual Braun Shaver. Pretty neat huh?


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