Finishing the Code

So now I’m one of those who’ve read the book, as opposed to one of those who haven’t, whatever that means 🙂 I don’t care if it’s based on facts or not, nor do I care about some of its flaws of logic; I do care for the reasoning behind the sacred feminine, and I do like mysteries. So there you have it.

Would I recommend the book? Definitely. Will it cause a cultural revolution? I doubt it very much.
At the risk of sounding repetitive, there’s a pretty cool “message” in the book that I think more people should ponder.

Racing the Snow Flyer

After having watched the snow fall all day, we decided to go “hill hunting”. After 20 minutes, we found a really nice one. So we spent two hours going up and down the hill. The Stiga Snow Flyer is fun, specially if you’re two on it; but it needs some padding in the.. ehr.. well, seating department 🙂 Flying over bumps is great, landing is.. a crusher!

Oh, and speaking of crushing.. it’s t e n weeks now!

Micro-Pulses by Gillette

So, on the list of “the most unnecessary product of the year”, Gillette should have a guaranteed candidate in its “M3Power Razor”. GMAFB(tm)! There are many reasons why I use a razor when shaving, the no-battery-required being one of them.

But really, the Gillette Company already has the Braun brand in their portfolio, right? What’s next, the MegaTron Talking Handheld Blender?! Oh, no.. wait.. I know.. it’ll be the Braun Antique Razor (aka “the BAR”). It’s a manual Braun Shaver. Pretty neat huh?