First dinner BBQ for 2014 @ Bromma

Sitting outside at 21:45 in the evening, in May, in Stockholm Sweden .. first proper BBQ for the season, what could possibly be wrong! I even forgot my hamstring injury for a while! 🙂 Wonderful weather, wonderful company, and great food!



Sokos Hotel Caribia, ett litet badparadis och semesterpärla i Turku/Åbo

Sokos Hotel Caribia
Turku (Åbo), Finland

Jag sprang på en liten, för mig, okänd pärla som alternativ sportlovsaktivitet. Jag hade först tänkt åka med kidsen till Nådendal Spa, men fick som information att det kanske inte var det roligaste en snart-tio-åring och en 13-åring kunde tänka sig att göra, även om de gillar vatten. Jag fick då förslaget att ta en titt på Sokos Hotel Caribia som bäst beskrivs som ett “Vattenland Extra” 🙂


Happy 12th Birthday Alexander!

Today, 12 years and nine months ago, something awesome happened. Though I am reasonably well versed in the art of writing, it is way beyond my capabilities to put into words how much this event, and those that followed have changed my life. Nine months later, I experienced an event that can best be described as a frontal collision with a bus, although nowhere near as painful. I became your father!

Thank you Alexander for all the things you have showed me.
Thank you Alexander for all the things you have taught me.
Thank you Alexander for all the things you have given me.

Thank you Alexander.

Despite all my faults and errors of the past, and my flaws of present, and those mistakes I will make in the future, I will always love you, and I will always put my soul into helping you to the best of my abilities.

I love you dude, HoBo Alexander.SE!

Happy Birthday Alexander.