HP D530 and Maxtor = Bad batch?

I’m beginning to wonder if HP has purchased a bad batch of Maxtor harddisks for its D530 series of computers. In three months, I have come across three HP D530 SFF machines with a Maxtor harddisk going belly up. All three machines were at three different customer sites, and purchased …


Drupal Theme: Kopernix

I finally found a light, yet styled theme for Drupal; it’s called Kopernix and is available from www.kopernix.com. Obviously, it’s not being used here since joho.se uses Serendipity, but you can see it in action on homrighausen.com.

Sloppy thinking in good product

What in the world would make a manufacturer like D-Link produce a nice and affordable router/gateway/firewall/VPN piece of equipment like the DI-804HV, and not include support for configuration by means of SSH and/or HTTPS? This product is by no means “brand new” or the “latest of the greatest”, but it …


SuSE goes PowerEdge 750

After having hesitated for many months and years, I finally got my hands on a new Dell server waiting to be configured for SuSE Linux (SuSE 9.0 Professional). Although the sales person was dearly convinced it would work without any problems (“Oh yes, we know it works with the SuSE …


The Skype Hype

How cool is Skype? Well, considering that it’s one of those “ButOfCourse(tm)! Why didn’t I think of that?!” type things, it must mean it’s very cool. It’s something many software developers have thought about, but few have done anything about. Having played with it for a total of 60 minutes …


Has Sun seen the light?!

Sun today announced something referred to as OpenSolaris.. they also announced that they’re releasing a “free-to-use” license for some 1600 patents they claim to own. I’m not quite sure what all this means in regards to “real life”, but I’m sure millions of people and thousands of lawyers will be …


Where did Eterm go?!

After having sucessfully upgraded from SuSE 9.1 to 9.2, I noticed all my terminal shortcuts stopped working. Lo and behold, my Eterm binaries had been removed (gasp!). So I’m currently stuck with sucky gnome-terminal. Why, oh why did my Eterm go away.. 🙁