Replacement power supply extends life of D-Link products

One common problem with technology these days is that the development of new “gadgets” moves forward so rapidly that manufacturers often cannot, or will not, keep a good stock of replacement or spare parts. So it was with a shaking of my head I had to realize that the power supply for my SoHo wireless router, the D-Link 624+, had gone to a better place for dead electronic parts.

After a few minutes I remembered I had a D-Link print server at home too.

Being one to often complain about manufacturers having their head somewhere dark and R&D departments not thinking things through all the way, I was about to be given proof of an exception.

I turned the print server over, followed the cord to the power supply and had a look at the voltage.. five volts, three amps.. the 624+ runs on five volts and two and a half amps.. this could work. So I disconnected the print server and connected its power supply to the router – voila! Yesss.. I was back in the real world! 🙂

Spending a few minutes praising the D-Link tech people, I realized this was probably not a coincidence, so I asked my local favorite internet retailer Dustin if there by any chance was a replacement D-Link power supply for sale. I was happily surprised when the return message said “Yes, there is; it’s called ‘PSE-S5VDC3A'”.

Not only does this power supply work with both my print server and my router, it works for a number of D-Link devices.

I realize it’s a bit weird that I should be so excited about something as obvious as a common part, right? Well, having spent a good part of my life (30+ years now) fiddling with electronics and related technology, I have come across so many situations where this would have been considered a miracle..

You can go back to sleep now 🙂To those interested, the replacement part is called D-Link PSE-S5VDC3A and works with the following D-Link devices:

DI-604, DI-704P, DI-714P+, DI-774, DI-804HV, DWL-1000AP+, DWL-700AP, DWL-900AP+, DWL-2000AP, DWL-2000AP+, DWL-2100AP, DWL-7000AP, DWL-7100AP, DBT-900AP, DVC-1000.

It also works with the following D-Link devices (they are 5V/2.5A):

DCS-900, DGS-1005D, DGS-1008D, DI-514, DI-614+, DI-624 (from version C3), DP-300+, DP-300U, DP-301P+, DP-301U, DP-G321, DP-G310, DP-303, DP-313, DU-H4, DU-H7, DUB-H4, DWL-810+, DWL-G810.

3 thoughts on “Replacement power supply extends life of D-Link products”

  1. hi i have a di-514, and my power supply died after being disconected with the help of a vacume cleaner URG!, i need to buy a new one with UK plug can anyone tell me where to buy one thx

  2. Found your post while searching for a replacement power supply for my DGS-1008D. Just wanted to let you know that my DGS-1008D uses a 7.5V 1A power supply (which gets very hot and causes the random reboots that this model is known for). I tried to power it with a 5V PS from another D-Link product, but it wouldn’t start up. I’m in the USA though, which probably explains the difference.

    Have a great day!

  3. I found a site called which i bought an adapter which worked fine for the D-Link 624+.

    Might be a bit cheaper also.

    But this is an excellent resource, its really hard to find the right power supplies with the right connectors.


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