Combined Challenge 2006

During some weeks of March this year, there’s a big military exercise in Sweden called Combined Challenge 2006. This weekend, and the next, part of the battle force is moving around close to where I live. Alexander and Janet when to inspect some of the vechicles, and Alexander was impressed. So I went for a walk and brought the camera along.

It’s not very often equipment like this is sighted on the streets of Stockholm, and for all the might and power of the equipment and the display of it, I can of course never imagine what it would feel like to have tanks rolling down the streets of my birth place. When I was a kid, I used to spend some time down in Gütersloh (Bielefeldt) Germany, where my grandparents lived on Pferdehof St. Georg. Both my grandmother and my grandfather were part of the family business of running the Homrighausen Riding School. The place was actually located on a Royal Airforce (RAF) base, so we often got very close to military equipment. The scenery in Stockholm this weekend kind of reminded me of that time, some 25-30 years ago.

Check out the photos in the photo album.

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