Webmin 1.290

A new version of the truly amazing piece of open source software going by the name of Webmin, by Jamie Cameron, has been released. If you’re in need of flexible, powerful, and a well-designed monitoring and server management system, you need to check Webmin out.

I looked at it many many moons ago and was impressed but felt that it didn’t quite have what I needed. After a few laps in orbit, I came back to planet earth again and decided to have a look at it again, around version 1.260. I’ve been using it ever since and can only recommend it to others.

This blog isn’t the right place for Webmin’s feature list, but you’ll find all the information and resources you’d ever need on the webmin website. I’ll close by saying that it works on many operating systems, including most flavors of Linux, Unix, and Windows.

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