Congratulations Loreen and Sweden for winning the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Euphoria

It’s been a while, but Sweden finally managed to put forward a candidate and representative for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) that could hold her ground and deliver a rock solid performance. Whether or not you like this type of music, you’ve got to hand it to Loreen who manages to charm just about anyone watching her and listening to her sing.

If you haven’t heard it already (no worries, you will, that’s a guarantee if commercial radio has anything to say about it), here are some links to the Euphoria song as presented by Loreen in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 (ESC).

Loreen “Euphoria” (new single 2012);
Loreen “Euphoria” HQ Studio Version;
Loreen “Euphoria” HQ Video;

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