How MyPhoneExplorer helps Android / HTC / Droid / X10 owners

Last week I was faced with the not-so-simple task of moving a lot of stuff from my old SonyEricsson C905 mobile phone (Symbian) to my brand new, shining, and spiffy HTC Wildfire. As reported previously, this task isn’t as simple as it sounds. Parting with the C905 is hard. It is the one phone I’ve owned over the years that has never let me down, and its camera still beats most cell phone cameras, past and present. Parting with something you’ve gotten used to and come to like is always hard, and when the conversion process to another piece of equipment presents you with a massive mountain to climb, things don’t get any easier 🙂

Moving from a Symbian based cell phone to a “smart” Android phone is not a straight forward process.

MyPhoneExplorer to the rescue. Oh do read on .. 🙂
Having had previous experience with using MyPhoneExplorer, it was only natural that I turn to this awesome piece of software, just to see if it by any chance could be of use in this situation too.

And sure enough .. MyPhoneExplorer turned to have just the needed features; namely to move the contents of interest to an anonymous Gmail account (the fact that the Android world insists on needing one of these to do anything useful at all is a joke, but I’ll get back to that in another post).

So using MyPhoneExplorer I simply copy all the contents I need to my anonymous Gmail account, move the SIM card over to the HTC Wildfire, turn it on and re-import everything (or “sync”). The rest, well, Bob’s your uncle.

Yes, I do realize that there are other ways to do this — and I did try some of them; like syncing the C905 to an ActiveSync-enabled account, etc. And they do work, but MyPhoneExplorer also allowed to back-up the C905 completely before doing anything else.

Once again .. if you have a Symbian phone, and more to the point, a SonyEricsson Symbian phone, you really need to check out MyPhoneExplorer. It’s top notch software. Oh .. and it’s free.

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