Converting from Joomla to WordPress (up to 2.7x)

Quite a few people use the popular Open Source CMS software Joomla for just about everything they do. And in fairness, Joomla is a pretty flexible piece of code (from 1.5 and onwards anyway). One area where Joomla isn’t all that hot, however, is when it’s used as a “blog”.

There are a number of templates for Joomla that make it look like a blog, ish :-), but Joomla is far too “heavy” in its construct to be used as a proper blog. With the advent of WordPress 2.7x, there’s little reason not to use WordPress. One could argue that there are many alternatives to WP, such as Serendipity (S9Y). But few packages enjoy such as vast amount of themes, plugins, and so on. Never mind that most people rarely change their theme nor add any other plugins in than a few select.

Converting from one “content management” (neither WordPress nor Joomla qualify as fully featured CMS) software package to another isn’t as straightforward as one could wish. If you can run the databases from your old Joomla installation and your new WordPress installation, however, there’s help to get.

There are a few different solutions available out there; ranging from “one-click software” to custom solutions where you buy someone’s time to do it for you. One solution I found to do most of the hard work can be found here: Joomla2Wordpress Import Wizard v.3. This software assumes you have access to both databases from the server running your WordPress installation. It will not import physical images attached/included in your Joomla posts, but that wasn’t a show stopper in my case. I successfully converted a Joomla 1.0.1x installation to a WordPress 2.71 installation.

Thanks to all the people who put time and effort into that project.

It’s sad that there isn’t a 100% transparent way to export/import entries to/from “content management” software. I understand that some things are hard to do in a generic manner, and that aiming for 100% may get you to a 98% level of completion, but that is a lot better than where we stand to day. Can anyone say XML?

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