Bust a cast

After three weeks with a really annoying cast, and crutches, it was time to remove the cast! After a few hours at the hospital, I was introduced to what I refer to as my Darth Vader Space Age Cast. I think the product’s actual name is “Aircast“. It’s really neat and high-tech with four or five “air zones” for maximum flexibility when it comes to adjusting its fit to my leg and foot.

It’s amazing how much one takes for granted. Just being able to walk on both feet, albeit a bit slower than usual, gives me an intense feeling of satisfaction. Not to mention being able to walk around the kitchen while cooking.

I asked the doc how long it would take before I could hit the dojo again for some serious aikido practice.. I was given a rather sceptical look in return, after which he responded that “a good three months” should pass since the accident.

Oh well, I’ll have to do some bokken and jo exercises in the living room instead 🙂

Riai Aikido Dojo: 7 suburi & 31 kata

Riai Aikido Dojo in Göteborg (Gothenburg) was established in 2003 by Jan Bratt (4 dan) and Pia Moberg (3 dan). Apart from the most obvious activities like training and seminars, Jan and Pia have also produced a number of booklets. Rather than spanning a wide number of topics, each booklet takes the “simple and clean” approach and tries to narrow down a few topics.

In this booklet, named 7 suburi & 31 kata, Jan and Pia take on the seven bokken suburi, and the 31 jo kata. The booklet is bi-lingual (Swedish and English), and each step of the suburis and kata is illustrated with pictures (photographs). As an additional aid, the tatami (mat) has a clearly defined cross (made from simple masking tape) on each picture; thus improving the ability for the reader to orientate as the technique moves from one frame to the next.

The writing is uncomplicated and straight forward.

So, hats of and congratulations to Jan and Pia for a job well done.

You can find more information about Riai Aikido Dojo here, where you can also order their publications.

Shodan (male): A male who is so adept at blending (and helping others to blend) that he can wear a skirt to class and nobody in class will laugh at him because he might help them learn to blend with the mat. At high velocity” — from The Aikido FAQ.

Bust a leg

Because life isn’t complicated enough, I decided to add a little spice. So on Saturday, I stood up a bit too fast and found myself falling into a heap on the floor before I had gotten a safe hold of the chair in front of me. Sudden blood pressure loss can be a blast, I’m sure; but landing with your full body weight on the outside of your twisted ankle is not a good idea.

I waited for a day before going to the hospital; where I had to sit and weight for eight hours in the “E.R.” (good thing it wasn’t serious..); I was told by a nurse that if I gave up waiting, I could always take a walk home since I didn’t live very far away (!). Once the x-ray was done, I wasn’t allowed to move even one foot (pun intended) by myself. So I was admitted and scheduled for emergency surgery. What fun!

Today I was released from the hospital with a fabulous cast and a bag of painkillers. The cast is (hopefully) coming off together with the stitches in three weeks, then I’ll have some sort of less supportive cast for another three weeks, followed by a three week rehab period. Nine weeks for a damn blood pressure drop – give me a break!

Well, I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit at home and get bored.. since I don’t need to move my foot very much at work, I figure I’ll be better off trying to get back into forward gear as soon as possible. Getting to and from the coffee machine will be a bit of a problem though, since I’m on crutches for the next six weeks.

I wonder if there are any Aikido techniques for crutches.. hmm..